Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cracking the HUAWEI modem

Are you tired of depending on one mobile provider to handle your browsing? Are you reluctant to fork out some cash so that your HUAWEI modem can be unlocked? Look no further. Cracking your modem free is as easy as winking, provided you have the right tools.

The first step is to locate the IMEI number of your device which is boldly typed on its backside. Second step is to click
Here and enter the 15 digit number into the input box at the center of the page (you can't surely miss it!). Enter the security code and hit the calculator button.

Voila! There is the unlock code in red together with some other numbers which are nice to look at and also make the exercise feel very techy. We are halfway done having ran our quarry to the ground, now we go in for the kill.

Here to acquire the tools. Download the zip file and extract. Find CardLock_UnLock.exe and ignore the rest of the files (Their purpose is to do what we have already accomplished so far). Put a SIM card other than Safaricom in your modem i.e. the SIM card should not be the native SIM. Insert your modem and wait for the program to launch. The input pin dialog comes up. Click ignore then file >> exit. Double click CardLock_Unlock.exe and enter the unlock code you obtained. Click Unlock.

You are now done and can insert any SIM card. Below are typical Internet settings that you may need.
Go to Tools >> options >> Profile management >

1. SAFARICOM (Default)
Click 'new'
Profile name: Safaricom
click 'static'
APN: safaricom
Access No. *99#
click 'save'

2. YU
Click 'new'
Profile name: YU
click 'static'
APN: internet
Access No. *99#
click 'save'

Click 'new'
Profile name: Orange Edge
click 'static'
APN: bew.orange.co.ke
Access number *99***1#
click 'save'

click 'new'
Profile name: Airtel
click 'static'
APN: ke.celtel.com
Access No. *99#
click 'save'

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  1. hallo Gilbert!
    actually this sounds great but i think it only works with E220.i was looking for an advanced protocol for unlocking all modems not specific ones.are you sure this is gonna crack huawei E303,ain't no certain,nice one though

    1. Hi Ernst. I am not sure but then my modem was E160 and it worked. Its mostly trial and error. good luck